Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did You Know: First Color TV Sold Today in 1953 (Reading Class)

Did You Know: First Color TV Sold Today in 1953

It wasn't until December 30, 1953 that the first color television was sold and it was a VERY small screen in a VERY big box.

That's right, prior to 1953 television was broadcast in black and white ... imagine that in comparison to the amazing HD and 3D television sets we have now.

That first color television was also only a 15" screen and came in a huge wood "box." Early televisions had to sit on the floor and came encased in wood and then plastic to hold them. And that television, manufactured by a company named Admiral, cost $1,175 -- $1,000 in 1953 is comparable to over $8,000 in 2010! Needless to say not very many people had color TVs back then.

Now we have TVs that can practically take up a whole wall, 3D technology and amazing HD pictures. It's amazing to think how far we've come in a little over 50 years.

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