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Wars of the World (Reading Class)

EDSA Revolution (Philippines)

The EDSA Revolution may refer to three events in Philippine history referring to popular political upheavals occurring in the EDSA highway:
  • People Power Revolution of 1986 that toppled the administration of Ferdinand Marcos after allegations of widespread cheating in the 1986 presidential elections.
  • EDSA Revolution of 2001 that toppled the administration of Joseph Estrada after an aborted impeachment trial where prosecutors walked out after failing on a motion.
  • 2001's EDSA III ("EDSA Tres" or "EDSA Three") that climaxed in the siege of the presidential palace while Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo remaining in office after the arrest of Joseph Estrada.

April Revolution (South Korea)

The April Revolution, sometimes called the April 19 Revolution or April 19 Movement, was a popular uprising in April 1960, led by labor and student groups, which overthrew the autocratic First Republic of South Korea under Syngman Rhee. It led to the peaceful resignation of Rhee and the transition to the Second Republic. The events were touched off by the discovery of a body in Masan Harbor, that of a student killed by a tear-gas shell in demonstrations against the elections of March.


1–999 AD


The end of the unsuccessful Peasants' Revolt in England 1381. Rebel leader Wat Tyler is killed while Richard II watches. A second image within the painting shows Richard addressing the crowd.


Bolotnikov's Battle with the Tsar's Army at Nizhniye Kotly Near Moscow by a Russian painter Ernest Lissner.
Episode of the Fronde at the Faubourg Saint-Antoine by the Walls of the Bastille
Scene from the Moscow UprisingNatalia Naryshkina shows Ivan V to the Streltsy to prove that he well.


Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781, during the American Revolutionary War.
Depiction of the Battle of Vinegar Hillduring the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
Battle at "Snake Gully" during the Haitian Revolution against French rule.


Siege of Saragossa (1809): The French assault on the San Engracia monastery.
Cheering revolutionaries during theRevolutions of 1848


Battle of the Yangtze during the Taiping Rebellion.
Confederate soldiers killed behind wall during the Battle of Chancellorsville of theAmerican Civil War.
Paris Commune, May 29, 1871
The current Puerto Rican Flag was flown for the first time in Puerto Rico by Fidel Vélez and his men during the "Intentona de Yauco" revolt


Demonstrations in Istanbul during theYoung Turk Revolution


Leaders of the 1910 revolt after the First Battle of Juárez. Seen are José María Pino SuárezVenustiano CarranzaFrancisco I. Madero (and his father), Pascual Orozco,Pancho Villa, Gustavo Madero, Raul Madero,Abraham Gonzalez, and Giuseppe Garibaldi Jr.
1917 - Execution at Verdun sometime in 1916



Soldiers assembled in front of the Throne Hall, Siam, 24 June 1932


Patrol of Lieut. Stanisław Jankowski("Agaton") from Battalion Pięść, 1 August 1944: "W-hour" (17:00)
The PLA enters Beijing in the Pingjin Campaign and control the later capital of PRC


 External audio
Newsreel scenes in Spanish of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Revolts of the 1950shere
Barricades in Algiers. "Long live Massu" (Vive Massu) is written on the banner. (January 1960)
Raúl Castro (left), with his arm around second-in-command, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, in their Sierra de Cristal Mountain stronghold in Oriente Province Cuba, 1958.


Portuguese soldiers in Angola


Khomeini returns to Iran after 14 years exile on February 1, 1979



Russian Mil Mi-8 helicopter downed by Chechens near Grozny, December 1994



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